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Health Benefits Related to Motorcycle Riding

It is always great to have scientifically valid reasons to do awesome things. Just in case you were looking for more reasons to rent and ride a motorcycle around the Vancouver area, we, at Stage 1 Rentals, have provided insight into some of the health benefits related to motorcycle riding.

Riding a Motorcycle is Good for You

It might sound ridiculous, but it is true: motorcycle riding can benefit your health in a positive way. Some of the ways that a motorcycle can improve your physical and mental health include:

Burning Calories

Most of the time, travel is a sedentary activity. You sit in your car in a single position and the most activity that you experience is when your arms adjust the steering wheel. On the other hand, motorcycles provide a full body workout that boosts your metabolism and burns calories. Motorcycle riding requires repeated effort to balance and steer the bike, and even sitting upright on the bike can be a workout. Motorcycle riders can also look forward to an increased heartrate during a ride, leading to improvements in their cardiovascular system.

Building Muscle Strength

The muscles involved in riding a motorcycle are numerous. Riders use their arms to steer and hold themselves upright, their legs to shift and balance, and their cores for balance. While riding a motorcycle may not give you the same muscle mass as a weekly gym visit, it will toughen and tone your muscles without straining them.

Improvements in Brain Activity

Aside from the mental health benefits that come from doing something you love (endorphin releases, mood improvements, etc.), motorcycle riding has been proven to substantially relieve the biological effects of stress, increase adrenaline levels, and greatly improve a mind’s ability to focus and stay alert for extended amounts of time. Motorcycle riding improves reaction time and reflexes and accesses the areas of the brain that benefit planning, concentration, and impulse control.

Attitude Improvements

The emotional benefits to riding a motorcycle are pretty plain to see. The feelings of joy and excitement that one feels when riding can be attributed to the adrenaline and endorphins that are released in the mind. These hormones are known to improve moods, make the mind more receptive to pleasure, and make it less receptive to pain. By engaging in an activity that requires a high degree of mental and physical engagement, you also cut down on your mind’s ability to worry.

If you would like to discuss more about the health benefits related to motorcycle riding, or if you are interested in our bike rentals, feel free to contact Stage 1 Rentals at 604-317-7855 or by filling out a form on our website.